Energy for Business with Bad Credit

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Energy for Business with Bad Credit

Energy for Business with Bad Credit


Are you a business that may have bad credit? Then it can be extremely difficult to find an energy company to take you on. Because supplying energy to businesses isn’t cheap, suppliers are aware that if you can’t pay, then it could have an impact on their business. 

Energy suppliers can pick and choose which business customers they want. So they are free to only accept businesses that they believe will be a low credit risk.

However, at Ideal Energy, we’re different, we work with suppliers who specialize in this area. Therefore we can ensure that we will get your business into a contact. Because we believe every business deserves a chance.

No credit check

Energy companies that perform no credit checks are far and few, so where can you get electricity and gas if you have low credit?

As a result of this we work with a suppliers who believe in second chances.

Furthermore you may have been told that you can’t have credit on your contract or your gas and electricity will cost you more or a security deposit is required, we can help so please feel free to get in touch

Some businesses especially Pubs, Restaurants and take-aways can’t get their energy suppliers to offer them contracted rates, therefore costing them a fortune in higher rates. We work with suppliers who will ensure you are given a chance and will help.

We take great pride in looking after our customers.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, you no longer have to search for an energy supplier who will deal with a business with bad credit.

Get in contact with us for more information.  

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