Care Homes Energy Audit

Care Homes Energy Audit

Get a care homes energy audit with Ideal Energy and start reducing you cost and carbon footprint. The health care sector including nursing homes and hospitals is one of the most intensive users of energy in the commercial sector and has amongst the highest energy costs due to higher room temperatures and better air quality required to maintain the health and comfort of often vulnerable inhabitants.

There are substantial energy cost savings to be achieved through procurement of cheaper energy and through improved control of energy use. 

An audit from Ideal Energy  will deliver significant energy and cost savings in nursing homes and in healthcare sector. Contact us on 01623 836757 or email us at to discuss your energy use and potential savings. 

We will request copies of your latest business’s invoices for electricity, natural gas, water, and heating oil to determine energy usage patterns. Where available we will request your detailed time of use metering data from your supplier.

Issues faced are:

  • Difficulty in the management of contract renewals and making sure they are on the best available tariffs.
  • Energy intensive environment to make sure the more vulnerable are comfortable, regardless of the seasonal changes and time of year.
  • Outside pressures from visitors who will be rightly concerned about the well-being of their families.
  • The temptation of selecting one supplier for all sites rather than searching for the most cost-effective tariffs avaliable

Then we carry out a survey and inspect all areas of your facility to identify energy use and look for energy waste. Observations are made in every room and a list is made of everything that consumes energy. This includes production and process plant, lighting, heating, cooling, computers, office machines, vending machines, water coolers, and other energy consuming devices. As information is gathered patterns of energy use are established by asking questions such as: How many hours is the room used? How long are the lights on each day? How are the heating and cooling systems controlled?

Care homes are increasingly looking for cost effective ways to improve performance in the face of increased regulation and rising overheads.  Energy and environmental management firms are playing a crucial role in helping these care providers manage some of their utility operational costs and procedures.

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