Cheap Business Energy Ireland

Cheap Business Energy Ireland

Get cheap business energy Ireland, start by contacting us straight away!

Cheap Business Energy Ireland

Act now to get cheap business energy Ireland.  At Icis Energy our mission is to provide our clients with an independent and impartial facility to procure cheaper business energy for your business now and in the future.

Icis Energy is a leading independent Irish company energy broker, specialising in the company electricity and gas industry, our aim is to provide  business energy contracts from all of Ireland’s leading providers.

Electricity cost review – No saving no fee

Ideal Energy is offering a no fee service to organisations  for electricity cost saving. We will review your bills and send you a report detailing savings available through changing your tariff and the possibility of procuring cheaper electricity, and the best bit is it costs you nothing.

We also offer a no savings-no fee service

Our fees are a small proportion of the cost savings we deliver and are generally covered by savings within 1 or 2 months.

Small users (up to €10,000 electricity spend) – €100

Medium users (between €10,000 and €30,000 electricity spend) – €150

Large users (above €30,000 electricity spend) – €300

Next Steps

1.       Contact us

2.       Send us a copy of your most recent electricity bills by post, e-mail or fax

3.       We will issue a report detailing immediate cost savings.

4.       We will assist you in securing your savings.

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Account Management

Icis Energy not only procure energy for single sites, but we also have an expert account management team who care for multiple site portfolios including landlord properties, managing agent’s sites, shopping centres and retail chains



 Energy Health Check

Get you free energy health check with Icis Energy. Are you sure you’re paying the lowest available price for your businesses energy? Is your current energy supplier charging you correctly for your electricity and gas.



Corporate Energy

Corporate Energy from Icis Energy, let us reduce your commercial electricity bills. All businesses continue to look for ways of saving money. And most business owners know, business contracts tend to be fixed, meaning businesses are tied into the contract for the length agreed.


 Irelands Business Energy Broker

Working with all of Irelands Energy Suppliers, Icis Energy will give you an independent review and quotation. Still in contract? Don’t worry, we can still offer you a reminder service enabling you to concentrate on your business. Start saving the business time and money by contacting Icis Energy NOW.



 Compare Business Energy Tariffs

It is vital that all businesses large or small compare business energy tariffs at the right time in their contract.

All businesses continue to look for ways of saving money. And most business owners know, business energy contracts tend to be fixed, meaning businesses are tied into the contract for the length agreed, or the length of time of the rolled over contract.

Some owners however don’t realise is that they should look at comparing their energy contracts and rates  4 months prior to the end of their current contract. Large savings can be made by searching the market for the best available tariffs. These days every cent counts where businesses are concerned, this is the case for small and large businesses alike.