Cheap Commercial Electricity

Cheap Commercial Electricity

Cheap Commercial Electricity from Ideal Energy, let us reduce your commercial electricity bills.

Half Hourly Electricity meters upload your energy usage and data to the electricity supplier every 30 minutes.

Ideal Energy offer cost control and management services for large business users. This is an ideal solution for any business with a half hourly supply.

Ideal Energy offers a expert impartial half hourly procurement services for those businesses who want a good half hourly tariff.

What is a Half Hourly Supply?

Half Hourly Meters are designed for commercial businesses that have a peak load of over 100kilo-watts.

Half Hourly Supply Number


The 00 in the profile type box tells you that your supply is Half Hourly

We compare all electricity suppliers and provide you with the cheapest rates available for your situation



  • Tariff Analysis
  • Best Energy Prices
  • Account Management
  • Full Support
  • Impartial

The only difference is the financial saving you will make for your business.

Commercial Electricity Rates

Containing commercial electricity rates has become a very challenging process. The recent economic turmoil, and increased scrutiny of credit has made it even more difficult for commercial real estate, and similar entities to get the lowest rates, best products and terms.


With the help of a certified energy advisor from Ideal Energy, you can manage the risks and reap the rewards of buying commercial electricity in a deregulated market.  We’ll provide an apples-to-apples comparison of current electricity offers, and a whole lot more.  Upon completing our “Get Started” form, we will acquire your consumption data, and get back to you immediately with answers to the following questions:


  • What are current Commercial Electricity Rates for your facility?
  • Which are the top retail electricity providers for your type of business?
  • What should your short- and long-term strategies be?
  • What contract options should you be considering?
  • What is a competitive Commercial Electricity rate for your load profile?
  • What are the best credit terms available in the market?

For a Impartial Electricity Quote

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