Company Energy Broker


Company Energy Broker.

Ideal Energy is a leading independent UK company energy broker, specialising in the company gas and electricity industry.

Our company energy broker solutions comparison service is designed to help save time and money by searching the gas and electricity market place to obtain the most competitive energy prices from the best UK commercial energy suppliers.

Our energy broker solutions will allow you to make an informed decision about a key element of your company expenditure and will take the hassle out of switching energy suppliers!

Compare Company Gas or Electricity Prices Now by Completing Our energy brokers form or grab a energy bill and call us now on 0115 822 6555

General energy and money saving tips for your company

  • Check regularly on your consumption of electricity, gas and oil, and that your bills relate to what you actually use, rather than an estimate.
  • Switch off lights in empty rooms and corridors – especially at the end of the day. This can save you up to 15% on your energy bill.
  • Keep windows closed in cold weather. If staff are too warm, turn the heating down instead.
  • Don’t use more light than you need. Remove or switch off unused light fittings.
  • Clean light fittings yearly. Dirt reduces lighting efficiency, encouraging people to switch more lights on.
  • Set the thermostat at 19ºC – costs rise by 8% for every 1ºC increase.
  • Don’t heat unused space. Storerooms, corridors and areas where there’s heavy physical work can be set to lower temperatures. Reduce heating during holidays and weekends.
  • Check thermostats are sited out of draughts and away from either cold or hot spots.
  • Keep radiators clear of furniture – it reduces their efficiency output

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