Educational VAT Return and CCL exemption

Educational VAT RETURN and CCL exemption

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Educational Vat Return and CCL Exemption

Most services provided by some schools and other educational establishments are charged reduced VAT rate for utilities such as gas, electricity and water.  This should be 5% instead of the normal rate of 20 % (17.5% pre January 2011).  In brief if your school is:

  • Voluntary Aided or Controlled School
  • Foundation School
  • New Academy
  • City Technology College
  • Special Needs Schools / Boarding Facilities

You are entitled to CCL exemption. In addition any schools that Schools that are already charged VAT at 5% are exempt from CCL due to low utility

Through our energy management team at Ideal Energy we have identified a number of schools have been charged the incorrect rate.

Please note that if you rent some of the school facilities out then you may need to declare this and make allowances.  The same will apply if your school has evening classes from which the school charges for.

For schools that require Ideal Energy to look into this please feel free to contact Douglas Carroll on: (Tel: 01623 706131) who will be able to answer any queries about completing the forms.

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