Letter of Authority


Ideal Energy Letter of Authority Download

Letter of Authority

An  letter of authority gives a third party permission to act on your behalf. You may need someone to assist you with your energy matters.

The Purpose of this agreement is to provide the necessary authorisation for Ideal Energy to provide energy supply contract negotiation and analysis services.

Ideal Energy will invite Suppliers and use its reasonable endeavors and expertise to obtain competitive prices at contract renewal. Recommendations and price comparisons will be based on the most up to date costs and consumption patterns provided by the Client or the current Supplier.

Ideal Energy are hereby authorised to deal direct with suppliers, distributors and meter operators in connection with our utilities. This is their authority to request and obtain data from those organisations relevant to the supply of these services. This authority will continue to remain in force for future contract renewals unless otherwise stated in writing by our company.

Ideal Energy will undertake the above work on a NO FEE, NO SHARE OF SAVINGS basis. The Client agrees to acknowledge that Ideal Energy will derive their income solely from commission payments negotiated between themselves and the Supplier(s) unless otherwise agreed under separate cover.


We understand that we are not obliged to take any Offer Supplied to us by Ideal Energy.