Quarterly & Monthly  Tariffs

What is your MPAN?

Quarterly & Monthly Tariffs. An MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is a unique number to the property. It is found on the electricity bill issued issue by the supplier. This is sometimes called a Supply Number but it should not be confused by the customer reference number. It is not displayed on the actual meter.

The full MPAN is 21 digits in length and should be printed in the format below on the electricity bill for the supply.
The first two digits of a full MPAN reflect its profile class.

What is your Profile?

Profile classes are used where half-hourly metering is not installed and provides the electricity supplier with an expectation as to how electricity will be consumed throughout the day.

01 Domestic Unrestricted
02 Domestic Economy 7
03 Non-Domestic Unrestricted
04 Non-Domestic Economy 7
05 Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 0-20% Load Factor
06 Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 20-30% Load Factor
07 Non-Domestic Maximum Demand 30-40% Load Factor
08 Non-Domestic Maximum Demand >40% Load Factor

What does a meter reference number (MPAN/MPR) look like?

The number will start with an ‘S’ and is usually printed on a bill.


S         08          123       456
     23    0123                   0123       456

Your profile class will give suppliers an idea of your consumption patterns and your efficiency at using the energy you consume. This in turn is reflected in the standing charge and unit rates that you will be charged. As a general rule, higher usage needs a higher profile.

So shops, small offices, etc are fine on an 03 / 04 tariff, whereas larger users are better off on higher numbers, 05 to 08, and the higher the number the better (lower unit costs).

If there has been a significant change is usage, with may be worth asking your suppler to review your profile.
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