Business Water Audit Services

Water Audit Services



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Ideal Utilities can provide a water audit services which has been tailored from our experience of delivering water efficiency savings and costs reductions for blue-chip corporations and the SME sector.

Objectives of an Audit

  • Ensure all of our clients’ water charges are correct and appropriate
  • Produce recommendations for reducing expenditure levels and obtain refunds of retrospective charges
  • Identify and report on inefficient or wasteful water use
  • Idendify and report on unaccounted water loss
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

Free Water Audit Bill Service

Once we have a copy of your water bills we can quickly assess any potential savings from,

  • Investigation of tariffs and charges including dual charging.
  • Meter size and readings, maybe over estimated bills?
  • Assessment of consumption against bench mark consumption relating to staffing levels and water usage on site.
  • High consumption, a leak or a shared supply?
  • Validation of Surface Water Charges.
  • Investigation or implementation of Trade Effluent charges.
  • Possible savings by capturing rain water for flushing toilets/irrigation.

If you are concerned about your water costs, a free and no obligation report will highlight any potential savings. The savings gained often result in considerable refunds as well as on-going savings.

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